Call to Action!

We need you. 

We have put together an amazing team of teaching artists and educators. We have space provided by Johnson C. Smith University. We have a matching grant from the Arts and Science Council. The tuition is extremely low so cost is not a deterrent, but we need support from partners like you to match the grant from the Arts and Science Council. 

Please Give

This is our world. We have students who are scared to go to school because of the threat of gun violence. We have intolerance around the world; racism, sexism and bigotry in the news every day. To make our world safe we need to help the youth of today understand, reflect and decide what kind of world they are going to build for themselves. This program is a way to start. 


Nothing is too little; nothing is too much. It is about our future. 

There are many ways to donate: 

  • Venmo the Youth Exchange Project (Scan QR code at right)

    VENMO QR Code
    Scan this QR code to donate directly to Y.E.P.
  • Come to our fundraiser – Look for our invitation on Facebook 
  • Come to our Performance : August 2 at Johnson C. Smith University Arts Factory at 6 PM
  • Volunteer to help out during the intensive.
  • Spread the word. Word of mouth is our best advertisement!
  • Or do all of the above!


Thank you so much for helping ~ Shawnna, Nicia and all of us here at Y.E.P.

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