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Youth Exchange Project

What We Do

We take a group of intentionally diverse teens and spend two weeks with them exploring, creating, questioning and learning. The teens take classes in theatre, movement, poetry, social justice and diversity. They are tasked with working together to create a performance in order to share their experience and learning.

We began…

The Youth Exchange Project began in the summer of 2017 when founder, Shawnna Pledger, received a Cultural Vision Grant from the Arts and Science Council. The idea was to use theatre to help kids from the local refugee community tell their personal stories. Since then we continued to expand the program to include teens 14-19 from different diverse backgrounds to share their stories as well. This culminated in an original piece of virtual theatre based on these experiences. The bigger idea is to use theatre to…

  • Empower students to identify and speak their stories.
  • Validate people who are not often (or allowed to be) seen or heard.
  • Create empathy by hearing, seeing and/or performing other people’s stories.
  • Encourage analysis and imagine different cultures and experiences.
  • Develop language skills through both written and spoken word.
  • Celebrate differing cultures and experiences.

How You Can Help

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Recent Updates

  • 2021 YEP’sters performance!
    What a glorious group of thoughtful individuals. I am coming down from the intensive so I shall attempt to cull the ravings of a proud warrior. But….our teens our teaching artist, our guest speakers were out-of-this-world good! We hope to change the world. Start by watching the 40 minute show (and talkback) if you areContinue reading “2021 YEP’sters performance!”
  • 2021 Week 1
    Welcome to the end of the first week of the 2021 Intensive! It has been a very long, amazing and wonderful month this week. We dove deeply into our cultures, ideas of who we are and where we come from. We shared common and uncommon experiences. We met amazing and fantastic people both as aContinue reading “2021 Week 1”
  • Y.E.P. 2021 Is Here!
    The Youth Exchange Project Summer Intensive is being held in person! Apply now for a spot in the 2021 intensive!