Throughout the history of Y.E.P. it has been made possible by some very generous individuals, as well as, in part, with funding from ASC, and the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.


The Youth Exchange Project is also greatly indebted for the early and generous support of the following individuals:

  • Andrea St. Clair
  • Amanda Liles
  • Wendy Johnson La
  • Nicia Carla
  • Andrea King
  • Shawnmarie Stanton
  • Beth Levine Chaitman
  • Samantha Burroughs
  • Ruth Ames
  • Liz Marshall
  • Jessica Borgnis
  • The Kantor Family
  • Lecil Sullivan
  • Kim Shuta
  • Paul Verano
  • Pamela Bilderbeck
  • Hernan Atencio
  • LeAnne Caton
  • Stacy Schiller
  • Jennifer Ware
  • Kimberly Sanders
  • Ashley Joseph
  • PJ Milan
  • and many more!