Summer 2023

Applications are up and running for July 10-22, 2023!

2023! How can that be? Just last week is was 2017. Ok, maybe not, the world has gone through some major storms since then. Yet here we are in 2023. Spring has sprung and we have already seen one set of birds go from nest to eggs, to babies to flight. I kind of feel we are in that process too. Our first year participants have all graduated high school. A former YEPsters is coming back to teach with us this summer! ( Yay Andy!) We have many returning teachers and, hopefully, a couple of returning participants!

It feels like this year is another seminal year. The world has returned to a semi-normal state with its share of problems and glories. We have two new partnerships: the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte: we will be using their glorious performance space! And We are working with Common Thread Theatre Collective as well. We will have plenty to talk about this summer.

We have also implemented a nomination system through drama teachers in our schools. Yay drama teachers! Imagine the exchange is we could get just one participant from each of our 33 high schools. Lets hear it for lush possibilities and grand exchange.

Onward~ Shawnna

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