Public Sharing

On Thursday, August 3, 2017, the Youth Exchange Project held it’s first public sharing at the Galilee Center in Charlotte. It was so exciting to see the organization’s maiden efforts come to life. The following kids strutted their stuff like the rock stars they are:

Mang (Burma)
Soi Tin (Burma)
Tin (Burma)
Thla (Burma)
Amos (Burma)
Myint Soe (Burma)
Thae (Burma)
Mema (Congo/Uganda)
Bosco (Congo/Uganda)
Juliette (Congo)
Julienne (Congo)
Omar (Syria)
Jospin (CAR/Cameroon)
Hodre (CAR/Cameroon)
Lalit (Bhutan/Nepal)
Aron (Burma)
Aregu (Eritrea)

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