2021 Week 1

Welcome to the end of the first week of the 2021 Intensive! It has been a very long, amazing and wonderful month this week. We dove deeply into our cultures, ideas of who we are and where we come from. We shared common and uncommon experiences. We met amazing and fantastic people both as a part of the daily do’s and special guest artists. Jeremy DeCarlos, Actor, Activist and Casting Agent came by and talked about representation and his experiences. Mason Parker:  Spoken Word Artist, Rapper, Poet, and more, came by and worked with the Teens about speaking our truths, being open and having a responsibility to share our stories so those without a voice can be represented and heard as well. Dori Robinson came in and taught playwriting, character development and storytelling. We have examined our own and shared insights about our cultures, identity, where we come from and what we want to change. We have built a group of trustworthy and trusting folk who are headed into a week of creating, rehearsing, playing and devising!

Did I mention that this intensive is intense?

Devising is being an Actor/Creator. It is being a Human  who is willing to stand in front of others and share. It is group work, solo work, tedious, exciting and fun. It is crafting an experience for an audience to be taken on a journey (have some fun, question, be entertained and think deeply).

We will also continue to question, explore, craft and meet more amazing people. Arlethia Halistock, Actor, Activist, Community Initiatives Leader for the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is on the docket as well as international sensation Bridget O’Brien, theatre creator, educator and innovator!

The final culmination will be an invited event ‘sharing’ of the product the YEP’sters  created. There will be more information about Friday for the participants  next week. 

The Performance :

6PM on the evening of July 23rd at the ARTS FACTORY : 1545 W Trade St 

  • Please come early ( between 5:40 and 5:50) 
  • The performance will be about an hour
  • We will have a question and answer period post sharing
  • There are approximately 40 seats so ….

There is a facebook event: https://fb.me/e/MbIRNwHn

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